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Stable Easterly Breeze

Coming in at 090 degrees the stable Easterly air flow provided both courses Echo, Laser Radial, and Foxtrot, 470 M & W, with great conditions for their first two races today here in Kieler Woche.  The conditions were so good the Race Officer on Echo thought about running a third race until it was pointed out that the schedule of races did not provide for going ahead of the schedule.  Which is rather a shame as tomorrow the expected conditions are less than perfect with the strong winds that hammered the UK yesterday due here tomorrow, we will be lucky to get the three scheduled races in.

Still, only two more races are needed to have a valid opening/qualifying series.  We should be able to get those in.

The CHN team posted solid results; Laser Radial with two firsts and the 470 W a third and a fourth, putting them third overall going into Race Day Two.

One controversial point has come up; the organisers are requiring the leading three boats in each event to wear coloured bibs (yellow for first, green for second, and red for third).  ISAF Regulation 20 specifically states that there shall be no restrictions on crew clothing.  May be the jury will give an opinion?


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