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Horror Day

The CHN Laser Radial competitor was ‘the one to beat’ today.  With four first places and discarding a third place she became the target.  Out of the two races held in a shifty southerly breeze she was taken out by a windward boat on the first race, race 6, and taken to ‘the room’ with a last minute lodging of a protest from a competitor who was BFD in race 7 seeking to get redress.  She claimed that CHN had forced her to be OCS – little did she know that the redress rule can only be accessed – in boat to boat rules of Part II situations – if there is damage or injury.

So, the result was that CHN was scored DSQ in race 7.  What a good lesson to learn for the up coming event in Qingdao – people will not worry about causing others to be disqualified if they have a chance of being reinstated, even if its a ‘fishing trip’.  Would have been nice if her coach had known the grounds for redress and we could have saved the jury a lot of time!

The forecast for tomorrow [Saturday] is big, big winds.  So we might not get any racing in.  The hope is that the frontal trough, and associated strong winds, will past the area of Kiel Fjord over night and provide us with perfect conditions.  Let’s hope ………

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