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Wet ‘n’ wild

Force 5 with gusts up to Force 6 gave Qingdao preparation activities a new aspect here in Kieler Woche on Thursday.  Still, the three races run on both courses Echo and Foxtrot were beautifully executed by the Race Committee.

The planned evening women’s match racing – due to be held in front of the Kiel Yacht Club in the inner fyord – was cancelled as the wind decreased to less than 5 knots.  Its a shame as the event is new this year and being used as a demonstration event in preparation for the new Olympic event for 2012.

The CHN Laser Radial competitor notched up another two bullets, except the organisers aren’t using finishing guns – which rather strange, may be they want to save some money to spend on fireworks!  The CHN 470 competitors found the windy conditions rather trying achieving an 11th before getting back on form for the last two races posting two 4ths.

Swisstiming is planning a test today, Friday, of a system intended for use in the Olympic event providing tracking information on the web.  They tried it on the Star class on Thursday.  Today its the turn of the 470 W class.

If you want to follow the test go to www.kielerwoche.dethen Sailing, Menu and live tracking (appearently!).

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